Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet the new Windows 8

Usually, if you say "linux" people think about a very hard to use OS. But is it true? Is Kubuntu really an OS for developers and nerds? I'm going to present "common people" Kubuntu, saying it's the new version of Windows 8: let's see what they think about it without any prejudice. And, since I'm a serious person, I'm filming it.
By the way: I got the idea because KDE has been awarded as best desktop environment of the year.
So, here is the result of my "investigation":

The result is that, on 14 interviewed people only one already knew Ubuntu, but everybody said that KDE is better than Windows (the medium vote reached is 8/10).
Well done, KDE.


  1. you can if you want. So Kubuntu is not a devil OS with white signs on black background (terminal). People are usually afraid of change. that's it.

  2. Please remember that the Linux is a operating system, Kubutun is distribution of Linux operating system and there is no such operating system as GNU/Linux.

    Kubuntu is just one distribution, and when showing Kubuntu to avarage users, you need explain what they see is KDE and the OS running all is Linux and everything is packaged in easy way to distribute package called "Kubuntu".

  3. @MarkoK: you got it all wrong! GNU is the operating system, Linux is a kernel, GNU/Liux is the full name of this operating system bundled with this kernel, and Kubuntu is a distribution of GNU/Linux.

  4. @MarkoK: obiously, after having revealed the little joke, I talked a bit with people about Kubuntu and gave them a short paper with instructions for downloading and trying Kubuntu.
    I did not enter the question "GNU/Linux distro, desktop environment, etcetera" because the people I was talking with were common users, that don't care about how the system works. They just want to use it in the most simple way (and that's why they liked Kubuntu: it's simple).

  5. ahahah Luca, dall'avatar sembri più vecchio, cmq grande video, la verità è che Linux andrebbe distribuito e regalato nelle scuole o cmq si dovrebbe spiegare alla gente dopo averlo fatto provare, che lo si può avere gratuitamente, sarebbe bello s enei centri commerciali invece della signorina che vuol farti provare il caffè ci fosse un Luca Tringali che fa provare Linux...
    Ciao :)

  6. @Cyber Killer

    "GNU is the operating system, Linux is a kernel,"

    Wait! Do you suggest there's operating system without the kernel? The most funny thing I've ever heard. GNU is just part of some utilities. Kubuntu is the real operating system and there's no reason to call it just distribution.

  7. Could you do a similar video but this time without long and boring minutes of tables, floors, bags, etc, in the image, and substitute them with takes from the screen and the people's reaction (ok, this would imply to discard all that people who doesn't want to bee seen)? Then it would be great for sending to our "windowers" friends and perhaps motivate some to try Chakra or Opensuse... eeehhhmmm... I mean... Kubuntu... yes, that's what I meant Kubuntu! xDDD
    Nice idea though, :).

    Grazie e saluti.

  8. GNU = provides free software
    Linux = Kernel of an OS
    OS = Kernel + Other stuff = Kubuntu (a distro)

    No more fight, check the web, and talk with facts.