Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, KDE. And thank you.

Today, KDE turns 15 years old. Many people already wrote something about this event, about the wonderful community, and all the great improvements KDE has given to the world of computing. So I just wanted to say something more personal. I'm quite a new user: joined KDE when the fourth version was released. At that time, the version of Kool Desktop Environment was not really stable, but I loved the idea of Plasma. I still remember that, when I discovered Plasma Desktop, I thought "this is the future". So I threw away Windows Vista and installed Kubuntu. And then I started to learn Qt/KDE libs programming.

For these reasons, I don't simply want to say "happy birthday", but also thank you. Thank you KDE, for everything you represent: from the freedom of computing to innovation and collaboration between people of different cultures.

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