Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey look, I just bought a Windows Phone smartphone...

So, as you all should know, Nokia decided to provide its smartphones with Windows Phone, giving to Microsoft the opportunity to enter in the mobile devices business from the main door (and killing Meego).
While reading this news I thought about the future for those devices, and I drew a cartoon:

Wouldn't it be very funny to see the Blue Screen of Death on smartphones too?


  1. It won't look this lame! The new Windows BSOD has a GRADIENT in the background! And a smiley face!(that one's still text-only, but in a BIGGER FONT!!!)

    Google Windows 8 bsod.

  2. Yes, but I'm an old fashioned guy.

  3. I've never seen a BSOD in Windows 7 or 8 even though I use it every day.
    I think this joke is quite old

  4. HAH, nope I got the BSOD in Windows 8 three times pretty easy caused by making a Wifi connection with two different drivers supported on Windows 7. But this new BSOD was just a garbled mess, so I could not enjoy the new sad face until i rebooted and there it was again. :D

  5. Well that's correct. Almost only way to get windows to bluescreen nowdays is to use broken drivers that Microsoft has no control over. Besides failing hardware problems I haven't seen the BSOD in years. But oh I remember the "good" old times of Windows 95/98

  6. WP7 does not produce bluescreens, it rather just reboots :-).

    That's at least my experience having a HTC Mozart as my company cell phone.

  7. Instead of making fun of WP7, maybe we could learn from it.

    IMHO from a technological point of view the operating system is quite poor. Multitasking is a joke (back to Windows 3.1 days)

    On the other hand, the Metro interface is slick: fonts look AWESOME and the theme looks very good with only a handful of colors. In that regard, WP7 is much better than KDE.

  8. Try KDE with the Ubuntu Font: it's very nice, nothing to envy to Windows Fonts appearance.

  9. "I've never seen a BSOD in Windows 7 or 8 even though I use it every day.
    I think this joke is quite old "

    No, it's not. Windows Vista and 8 are old, because they use Win XP and older tech. I had BSOD in Vista few days ago. Thankfully on friends laptop! :D