Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet the new Windows 8

Usually, if you say "linux" people think about a very hard to use OS. But is it true? Is Kubuntu really an OS for developers and nerds? I'm going to present "common people" Kubuntu, saying it's the new version of Windows 8: let's see what they think about it without any prejudice. And, since I'm a serious person, I'm filming it.
By the way: I got the idea because KDE has been awarded as best desktop environment of the year.
So, here is the result of my "investigation":

The result is that, on 14 interviewed people only one already knew Ubuntu, but everybody said that KDE is better than Windows (the medium vote reached is 8/10).
Well done, KDE.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

KDE on Diaspora... why not?

Just a little ago, I thought about a question: KDE is free software. Diaspora is free software. So, why not share KDE related posts on Diaspora? Doing this is quite easy, and I'm gonna tell you how. Every one of you (everyone that have a blog) can follow these instructions to let people share blog posts on Diaspora.

By the way, if you don't know what I'm talking about, Diaspora is a free social network, built in an interesting way that allows you to have always control on you datas. For more info have a look at and register on
A little info: on the official diaspora pod is not possibile, acutally, to create groups of users. It is, anyway, possible on another pod: Also, on joindiaspora you can't simply register, since the number of users is limited. But on other pods the registration is immedate.

Some KDE developers are already on Diaspora, and there is also the official Krita account ( But we could also create a KDE-offical account, and use it to share official announcements.
Another idea: it would be nice to put a little button "share on diaspora" in the posts of