Sunday, March 8, 2020

Women in the IT industry (interview from Akademy)

There's a clear gender gap in computer science, beginning with education: women in schools and colleges tend to approach computer studies less frequently than men. And we should also consider the usual obstacles for occupation every woman encounters in her work life in every field. So, it's not surprising that the majority of computer science workers are men.
And, at the same time, the Free Open Source Software world is made of many kinds of communities. Some are quite closed and unfriendly for new developers, expecially if they are women. Others, instead, commit to welcome everyone, without discrimination based on gender, nationality, or any other parameter.
At Akademy 2019 in Milan, as editor for GNU/Linux Magazine Italy, I've had the opportunity to discuss this issue with Lydia Pintscher, president of KDE e.V., and Lays Rodrigues, developer for KDE software.