Saturday, August 25, 2012

In memoriam

I just read on the italian main press agency that Neil Armstrong, the first man that walked on the moon, died. This blog talks about tecnology, and I thought it's important to remember that the Apollo XI mission is the simbol itself of what the human kind can do using science, tecnology, and all the amazing power of our brain. Basically, in less than a century we came from a situation where flying was just a mere dream, to seeing a man walking out of Earth atmosphere and over the Moon.
Sometimes I ask myself if cavemen would have ever been able to imagine that in the future someone would be able to touch the very surface of Moon.
Fellini, in a movie, talked about some mad people that wanted to take the Moon and bring it here, on the Earth. Armstrong, Aldrin, and all the other men of Apollo program are maybe the people who went as near as possible to this dream.
In conclusion, thank you Neil, since you demonstrated what we are able to do with science (and also a little bit of courage).