Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Microsoft's going to release source code of Windows Phone

As you all may know, Windows 8 Phone (codename Apollo) has not been the great "Android replacer" that Microsoft hoped. Developers do not like this OS, and neither users: too much complex, too slow. Given that it's not worth spending resources on Windows Phone 8, Redmond decided that the support for this system will end on July 2014.

So, trying to go for broke, Microsoft decided to publicly release the source code. The day of the public release is not yet decided: the code needs to be cleaned and organized first, so it will happen probably after July. Redmond hopes to attract, in particular, people who are disappointed by the NSA scandals.

Microsoft declared that all the source code of Windows Phone will be released, including the NT kernel.

Obiously, the NT kernel used for Windows Phone is not exactly the same that runs in personal computer's Windows editions.
The Phone NT kernel is called, by codename, "April fool".

By the way, if you are really looking for a "open source Windows" you may choose ReactOS. And if you want free software (not only open source), you should think about trying GNU/Linux distros like Debian (or Ubuntu, but it's not properly free software "out of the box" these days).

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  1. The thing is this article is pretty much on the mark on what Microsoft should do. It's only near the end you realise it supposed to be a April Fool's joke, but I took it as totally expected natural news.